Valeria Krystek

With more than 14 years of experience in marketing communications, Valerie began her Public Relations career in South Florida, where she had the opportunity to work within a variety of industries, including travel & tourism, hospitality, retail, consumer and technology. These experiences presented rewarding challenges and increased her ability to deliver innovative results for her clients. To further expand her career experience, she relocated to New York City where she lived and worked for eight years for creative and digital advertising agencies. During this time, she served as a Communications Director and led marketing communication campaigns for more than 20 global brands. Working with well-known brands gave Valerie the ability to develop effective messaging strategies, communicate efficiently with the public, juggle multiple projects and clients simultaneously, and adapt to change quickly. Recently, Valerie transitioned her career to the role of Community Outreach Specialist in-house consultant for the FDOT. Her role includes informing the public about the latest construction projects throughout Miami-Dade and addressing situations impacting its stakeholders.

  • Location:

    Miami-Dade and Broward Counties